Regulatory & Compliance Services in Washington, D.C.

Ward & Berry will help you navigate complex regulatory and compliance issues. Ward & Berry constantly tracks regulatory developments to give clients the opportunity to adjust and adapt to the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

In today’s world, most, if not all, industries must navigate through a complicated web of federal, state, and local regulations, just to open up shop. These regulations can have a tremendous impact on your business’s operations, and while compliance itself can be costly, noncompliance is often more so. This is truer still for federal government contractors, who must jump through extra hoops just to be able to work for federal government.

Ward & Berry’s regulatory practice has extensive experience in all aspects of regulatory compliance. This expertise begins at the most fundamental level. Ward & Berry frequently advises clients through the initial compliance process, identifying which regulations must be followed in order to lawfully operate, and advising clients on how to satisfy those regulations. Our counseling experience includes providing advice on regulatory matters related to various agencies and jurisdictions, including in the areas of government contracting, national security and defense, healthcare, FDA, CDC, NIOSH certification, Emergency Use Authorizations, as well as post market quality control and compliance.

Ward & Berry also recognizes that the regulatory landscape is ever-changing, and actively tracks regulatory developments across the full range of industries, so that its clients know what potential compliance issues may be on the horizon and can strategize and adjust accordingly.

If you already face compliance issues, Ward & Berry can help you respond appropriately and guide you back into compliance. Our regulatory attorneys also have a wealth of experience advising clients through investigations and enforcement actions, should they arise. This experience includes crafting and implementing compliance programs, as well as providing zealous representation before agencies and in litigation. Our team has dealt with compliance issues stemming from federal, state and regional regulations, and we have advised a variety of different corporate entities through these issues. With decades of experience in DC and working closely with federal agencies, we at Ward & Berry have the connections and know-how to untangle your regulatory web and get your business in compliance, so that you can focus on what matters most, doing business.