Corporate Law

Ward & Berry provides input and guidance at every step of your growth to help your business succeed.

The most significant step in minimizing legal liability starts when the business is merely an idea. All too often, the early corporate documents have wider-ranging implications for the business than the founder’s vision has for its future. Starting a business in today’s environment requires compliance with a broad range of laws that go beyond having your formation documents in place. Today, operating agreements, non-disclosure agreements, intellectual property assignments and employment/contractor agreements are immediately next steps post formation to minimize your business’s legal liability. Ward & Berry’s approach to its corporate clients is to provide more than transactional expertise; we want to understand your business and provide input at each step of your growth to help our clients better strategize and implement their business plans.

With offices in Washington, D.C. and Austin, Texas, Ward & Berry has experience with both federal and multistate laws. This experience includes obtaining 8(a) certification from the SBA for small businesses, advising on employment and labor law compliance, drafting proprietary intellectual property and confidentiality agreements, advising companies on funding documents, including term sheets and subscription agreements, SAFE notes, licensing agreements, SaaS and SaaMD agreements, HIPAA compliance for select healthcare companies, promissory debt notes, advising on the protection of your intellectual property through employment agreements and litigation, and litigating internal shareholder disputes. We recognize the evolving nature of employment and labor law and we actively track such changes and keep clients apprised of potential changes in these areas affecting their industry as a whole and their business in particular. We can help in setting up an equity management system to simplify equity cap tables and better track vesting schedules.

Ward & Berry’s mission is to provide outside general counsel services to help you better manage your business while staying current with the laws. If you are considering starting a business, Ward & Berry’s corporate team has decades of experience and can advise you in any stage of your business. If your business is in the expansion phase of the business life cycle, Ward & Berry can give a fresh look to your corporate documents, identify potential legal liabilities, advise you on best legal practices related to your corporate structure, and/or advise you on any potential legal needs that may arise. Our team is here to sit with you at the corporate table. Our motto: Let us sit with you at the corporate table so that you’re not on someone’s menu.