Trade Control and Sanctions in Washington, D.C.

Government contractors face a complex and far-reaching trade controls and sanctions regime. These regulations are constantly changing, which poses a constant risk and challenge to companies of all sizes and in every industry. Trade control laws govern almost every product and technology. Sanctions cover a number of individuals, companies, and countries. As regulations change, those subjected to government approval and control continually increase.

The trade control and sanctions attorneys at Ward & Berry PLLC offer our clients expert, risk-based, and practice regulatory advice. We can help address concerns that may arise or that already have occurred.

Why Hire Ward & Berry PLLC?

Ward & Berry PLLC has the experienced and knowledgeable attorneys you need on your side when dealing with the regulatory industry.

  • We can help clients in various stages of development across a broad range of industries.
  • Our trade control and sanctions attorneys guide our clients through the increasingly complex government environment.
  • Companies are facing vigorous policies and strict compliance measures and our attorneys are leaders in the industry in advising and representing clients on a multitude of matters dealing with trade control and sanctions, including public policy, administrative concerns, contracting, and litigation worries.

Why Do You Need a Trade Control and Sanctions Attorney?

Attorneys practicing in trade control and sanctions can counsel clients on a variety of trade matters, including international and domestic. They can also assist with matters related to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States Regulations, Export Administration Regulations, Foreign Trade Regulations, International Traffic in Arms Regulations, and Office of Foreign Assets Control regulations.

Trade Control and Sanctions attorneys generally have extensive experience managing trade and sanction issues including:

  • Reviewing cross-border investment activities
  • Designing and helping to implement compliance and ethics programs
  • Advising clients on compliance with trade control and sanctions
  • Drafting and submitting specific license applications
  • Dealing with compliance review and audits
  • Drafting disclosures
  • Defending clients in government proceedings

Companies may not realize all the regulations they are subject to, which is why having an experienced attorney on your side is crucial. A trade control and sanctions attorney can help in a variety of areas to ensure your compliance with all laws and regulations governing your company.

What Are Trade Controls and Sanctions?

Trade controls describe the way in which governments and international bodies promote and regulate global trade. Governments continue to govern and increase regulations around controlling trade. This is to help the economy operate smoothly and to protect the livelihoods of workers. Changing the price of goods – whether it’s increasing the price of imports or decreasing the price of local goods – helps locally produced goods compete more favorably with foreign goods. Causing a push up on imports and a push down on domestic goods are forms of trade control strategies (policies that restrict free trade).

Trade sanctions are laws passed to restrict or abolish trade with certain entities or individuals for political reasons. They are a subcategory of economic sanctions, which are commercial and financial penalties imposed by one or more countries, and targeted against specific countries, organizations, groups, or individuals. Trade sanctions can be unilateral—imposed by one country to another—or multilateral—imposed by two or more countries on one country. The reason for trade sanctions is to make it more difficult for nations or groups bearing the sanctions to trade with the ones imposing them. The most common type of trade sanction is a tariff.

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