Outside General Counsel Service

Ward & Berry acts as the outside general counsel to many of our clients and offers this service as a flat-fee arrangement for on-call availability for a certain amount of hours each month.  We offer this tailored service to our clients at a discount to our normal billable rates where our clients get all the benefits of a full-time in-house counsel at a fraction of the cost.  In many cases, one or more of our attorneys carries a title at our client’s company with a client-issued e-mail address, and our attorney is actively involved with the client’s management team.

In addition to all the services Ward & Berry provides to all of its clients, the WB Outside GC Service includes proactive engagement from our attorneys on:

  • Corporate Governance, Board Interaction, and Record-Keeping
  • Contract Drafting and Negotiations
  • Developing Forms for Vendors and Service Offerings
  • Training the Client’s Business Team on Forms, Employment, and Compliance Matters
  • Minimizing Risk and Making Strategic and Economically Smart Decisions
  • Navigating Government Contracts, including bids, prime contracts, subcontracts, joint ventures, and teaming arrangements
  • Reviewing Insurance Policies and Requirements
  • Being a True Partner to the Client By Understanding the Business, the Drivers, and Time Sensitivities

At Ward and Berry PLLC, we help clients achieve their business goals in a cost-effective, tailored, pragmatic manner.   With experience as senior in-house attorneys and entrepreneurs, we they have first-hand experience of what our clients need in a general counsel, and this Outside GC Service provides that to clients at a fraction of what a full-time in-house attorney would cost.

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